Early spring in Belle Maison

It wouldn’t be Belle Maison without an abundance of flowers spilling out of the garden beds and planters found in every corner around the studio and residence. Our exceptionally cool and rainy spring has been great for turning everything a verdant green but we could use a little sun. I’m coming up with color schemes for this season--I like to change it up a bit each year. My perennial favorites are also eagerly awaited: peonies, irises, and the beautiful and beguiling roses!

We are switching up the four square vegetable gardens also. Herbs will be moved to their own territory in custom planters. The kitchen garden plants will not change much. Living in a farming community like Westport I’ll leave the pros to grow the trickier plants.

Come visit and share the bounty!


Open Gallery, Open Minds

It was drizzling, damp afternoon the Saturday of June 23rd. The sky was composed of shifting gradients of gray, and dew drops lay on every object in sight. Miserable conditions for an outing by all accounts. And yet, next to a little gallery on old Drift Road, the sounds of laughter, of stimulating conversation, and of jazz could be heard on the air. The ground may have been damp, but the same could not be said for the spirits of the Belle Maison's Open Gallery attendees! 


Guests included community members and neighbors as well as family and friends hailing from all over the country and world. The theme of the show was "Celtic Coasts," many of the paintings featured being inspired by Heidi's travels through Scotland and Ireland. After she and her husband complete their walking tour of Ireland in the near future, more inspired pieces are sure to follow. 

Amidst the depictions of the Westport coast, Donegal, and France, guests helped themselves to some homemade refreshments and engaged in jovial discussions of the work they were perusing. With the melodious tones of live jazz band Major 4th (which was formed by Heidi's former students) as a backdrop and with the food and conversation flowing, a perfect atmosphere for the admiration and preponderance of art was created. 


Multiple paintings were sold thanks to the event, a boon to the art scene of Westport and New England as a whole. As curious neighbors stopped by for a spell, the festivities and discussion continued on well past the designated time slot of 1-3 PM, and left everyone's souls a little lighter for having taken a moment to stop and admire the world through another's eyes. Hopefully, such a success will mark many more similar occasions for the Belle Maison, and bring together even more people with a love of art.

Watch the video below to see more of the event in a short montage!

New Year, New Website!

It's 2018, and what better time to completely redesign the look of our website than on the heels of a new year? With a completely redesigned theme, each page of our site has been revitalized and given the makeover it deserves for what 2018 holds in store! 

Stop by Meet the Designers to read about Heidi and Charles as artists, or visit the Architecture and Interior Services pages to see summaries of all we have to offer. We still have the same artistic spirit and goals in mind, but with this redesign we're ready to attract and welcome new clients!

As the studio waits to defrost from the frigid winter weather, we'll eagerly be awaiting the arrival of spring and summer and the opportunity to create and share new work. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Welcome to our new Color Consulting service.

We love color!  If you are thinking about a fresh coat of paint or a total new look in your home or work space we can help.  We are colorists.  We are fine artists and designers with over twenty years of experience.  To create a welcome respite and a sense of adventure for your space we use color to achieve this! Tell us about your upcoming project.  

Contact: 401-368-5721  odonnelleastmandesign @gmail.com 

Look for an announcement coming soon about Heidi's color workshop next month.

The table is set and you are invited to join us!

What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter - a soothing, calming influence on the mind, rather like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue.

— Henri Matisse

À table, tout le monde!

Welcome to our new blog.  This is a natural progression of things that we love to do:  journal, design, paint, photograph and entertain family and friends and clients.  We have embraced social media as a way of connecting with people from around the world who inspire us and we can inspire.  

The table is set!


The Table is Set, or, as they say in France, a table! This means the table is ready for you and it is time to come to it.

Welcome. Our door is always open. We are excited about sharing with you what we love: design, color, fine art, nature, travel, and yes, beautiful food.  We are located in Westport Point, Massachusetts. Westport is also known as farmcoast: beautiful farmland swaddling both east and west branches of the Westport River. This #farmcoast gently rolls down to magnificent dunes and sandy beaches of our slice of the Atlantic coast

We welcome your thoughts and comments.  To see other images of our work, garden and projects we are working on you can follow us on Instagram#heidiodonnelleastmanartist

Summer is fleeting and we hope you have been able to enjoy its bounty.

A bientot,

xoxo Heidi and Charles