Located in Westport Point, the Belle Maison gallery/studio is the passion and product of Heidi O'Donnell and Charles Eastman, dedicated artists with a strong case of wanderlust. Taking inspiration from both international travels and the classic beauty of New England, as well as from family and life experiences, Heidi and Charles have spent decades honing their craft, lovingly creating original works, restoring furniture, and fulfilling commissions. This site exists to show off some of their products and available services. Read on to learn more!


Fine Art

Heidi and Charles have created many beautiful, original pieces of art, a large portion of which are currently available for sale and would make perfect gifts or complements to your home. Click here to take a look!

Interior Design

Utilizing their wealth of experience, no one knows better how to combine functionality and beauty in your home or workspace than Heidi and Charles. They can help you define the little details of your space that will truly make it your own, and even offer lovingly restored pieces of antique furniture for sale.



Color Consultation

With over twenty years of design and art experience, Charles and Heidi are the perfect colorists to help you create a home from your house or the rooms within it.  To create a warm, welcoming, stylized atmosphere for your space, consult with us! Click here to contact us for more information about our color consultation, or visit one of our social media pages.  


Travellers, who know their way home

Charles Eastman and Heidi O'Donnell Eastman are artists, designers and bloggers based in Westport Point, MA and Rhode Island. Heidi and Charles' projects often include their connection to the sea, their love of travel--particularly France and Celtic coasts--and elegance combined with rustic touches. They have been designing, teaching and sharing what they love for the over 20 years. Heidi and Charles love the world around them and seem to have an incurable case of wanderlust. They have extensively travelled throughout Europe and far reaches of the globe, with plans for further ventures continually in the works. Their visits to these hotbeds of artistry, creativity, and imagination have imbued a deep understanding of such qualities within themselves, and allowed them to put unparalleled passion into their art. Especially with concern to Westport and the New England area, where the rocky, history-laden shores act as a muse for more and more work. To understand these tenacious artists better, check out their blog! The Table is Set provides a locally grounded mindset to global travels and experience, and it's a must-read for art lovers and lifelong learners alike!


For more information about their services, fill out the form on the Contact Us page, or email them directly at odonnelleastmandesign@gmail.com