The table is set!


The Table is Set, or, as they say in France, a table! This means the table is ready for you and it is time to come to it.

Welcome. Our door is always open. We are excited about sharing with you what we love: design, color, fine art, nature, travel, and yes, beautiful food.  We are located in Westport Point, Massachusetts. Westport is also known as farmcoast: beautiful farmland swaddling both east and west branches of the Westport River. This #farmcoast gently rolls down to magnificent dunes and sandy beaches of our slice of the Atlantic coast

We welcome your thoughts and comments.  To see other images of our work, garden and projects we are working on you can follow us on Instagram#heidiodonnelleastmanartist

Summer is fleeting and we hope you have been able to enjoy its bounty.

A bientot,

xoxo Heidi and Charles